IXManchester Maintenance – 15/Sep/2017

IXManchester (A LINX peering point) is performing maintenance on 15th September 2017 between midnight and 6am UK local time. To prevent any disruption to routing, we have administratively shutdown all connections over this peering point overnight. We will re-establish the connections after the maintenance window has completed. Connectivity will re-route… Continue reading

Planned Reinstatement of Fibre Circuit 09-08-2017

3 Week Soak Test, commenced 17-07-2017 During this test phase we have monitored a sustained stable connection,with all relevant protocols present, over the ‘sandboxed’ fibre circuit from Virgin Media. We intend to bring the fibre circuit back into service on Wednesday 09-08-2017 @ 17:30. We do not anticipate this to… Continue reading