Switch DS-105 failure BOL8 – 13/Jan/2021

At 5:13am this morning we saw a brief power event on our main UPS in BOL8 datacentre followed by Switch DS-105 going offline.

Although no issues are reported surrounding the power event, any customers directly connected to switch DS-105 are currently offline.

DS-105 is a legacy switch stack and not part of our newer core network.

Customers connected to other switches are unaffected.

An engineer has been dispatched to investigate.

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2 Responses to Switch DS-105 failure BOL8 – 13/Jan/2021

  1. Dan A says:

    Further investigation has discovered that the likely cause of this outage is due to a PDU fault tripping a circuit breaker causing part of the DS-105 switch stack to go offline.

  2. Dan A says:

    As expected a fault on a PDU caused a breaker to trip which caused part of the DS-105 switch stack to go offline.
    Our legacy switch stacks are not dual PSU capable so this took the switch member offline.

    Our newer switched network uses dual PSU switches to avoid this issue.

    Any customers located on this switch stack are already pending a move to our newer network. The covid-19 situation has delayed this process somewhat.

    No further issues are anticipated and any affected customers should be back online.

    If you are still experiencing an outage on your service, please contact us and we will investigate further for you.

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