Emergency Maintenance – mail6.netnorth.co.uk – 27/Oct/2018 – 28/Oct/2018

We are carrying out some emergency maintenance on the mailserver mail6.netnorth.co.uk.  This may lead to some periods of inaccessibility for either mail or webmail connections to this service. Other mailservers are not affected. This maintenance is expected to take no longer than a few hours total – although any inaccessibility… Continue reading

VirginMedia Planned Maintenance – 7/Sep/2018 00:01-06:01

We have received notification today that VirginMedia have scheduled planned maintenance for 7th September from 00:01 to 06:01 with an expected actual outage time of 90 minutes. This is required for them to upgrade processor modules in their network node in Manchester “due to obsolescence”. This will affect our metro… Continue reading