BGP Flaps – 24/May/2022

At 10:03am this morning, we saw a collection of BGP connections drop in Equinix MA1 (Manchester).

These were spread across LINX MAN1, EquinixIX, and our GTT IP Transit connection.

This caused a couple of minutes of instability whilst BGP reconverged and rerouted traffic automatically.

A few minutes later, we saw these connections establish again.

Based on the varied amount of peers, exchanges, and transit affected we are assuming there must have been a power issue within Equinix MA1 somewhere.

Netnorth’s equipment in Equinix MA1 did not lose power, nor connectivity to other peers.

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  1. Dan A says:

    Equinix have confirmed they saw a power outage within the DC and are investigating the cause.

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