Switch Failure – DS-173/BOL8 – 23/May/2022

We have identified a failure of one of our customer facing network switches in BOL8.

Any customers connected directly to DS-173 in BOL8 will be affected. Other switches and customers are unaffected.

We are investigating the cause and hope to have this switch back online shortly.

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One Response to Switch Failure – DS-173/BOL8 – 23/May/2022

  1. Dan A says:

    We identified a failed fan module with multiple fans failed. This caused the switch to shutdown to protect itself from an overheat failure.

    Whilst a fan module may operate degraded with a single fan failure, it will not operate with 2 or more failed fans.

    We replaced the module and this switch is back online.

    It is unusual for two fans within a module to fail at once so we don’t anticipate this to occur again.

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