Service advisory – Recovered power provision to BOL1 Datacentre

At 11:59 the commercial power was restored to all 3 phases. This was detected by our switchgear, and after an observed period of stability, the generator was put on standby and normal service was reinstated. We do not expect any further interruption, but will continue to monitor the service. Netnorth… Continue reading

Service advisory – Degraded power provision to BOL1 Datacentre

Circa 10:46 one of the three commercial phases to the Queensbrook estate failed somewhere upstream of the on-site distribution. This supplies our BOL1 U8 datacentre and our administrative offices, no other Netnorth datacentres or infrastructure have been affected. The partial supply failure was identified by our switchgear, and the standby… Continue reading

IXmanchester Maintenance (18/Mar/2015)

We have received a maintenance notification from IXmanchester(LINX) stating that they will be performing switch maintenance on their network. 18/Mar/2015 midnight – 5am (UK local time) This maintenance will affect our IXmanchester peering connectivity during the window. We do not anticipate any disruption from the above maintenance as the exchange… Continue reading