Vodafone Fibre Data+Voice Circuit Outage – 15/Feb/2023

At 12:14am UK local time, our monitoring reported an outage on two Vodafone provided fibre circuits delivered into our BOL8 location. These are both delivered over the same fibre bundle.

These circuits provide our main office telephone service, and one of our metro ethernet fibre ring legs.

After internal investigation to ensure the fault was not related to any local equipment, we contacted Vodafone support to report a fault and were told this is due to planned engineering maintenance for which we were not informed ahead of time.

This maintenance window is due to clear by 6am and involves resplicing of fibre circuits between Bolton and Manchester.

Calls to our telephone numbers are currently offline due to the voice circuit maintenance.

Our metro ethernet resilience is reduced due to the data circuit maintenance, however there is no outage due to other legs of the ring in operation. This reduced resilience places the LD2/DC13 Manchester datacentre location “at risk” but no outage or degration of service is expected. All data traffic is currently rerouted via Equinix MA2 automatically.

If there are still faults after 6am with these circuits, we will raise them as faults with the vendor.

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  1. Dan A says:

    These circuits recovered at 5:06am this morning and have been stable since. We will revert back to our regular automated monitoring.

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