Dark Fibre Outage – 22/Nov/2020

We currently have a dark fibre outage between two datacentres in Manchester. Our fibre provider is investigating.

No outages to customers are expected, however this fibre outage does remove resilience at our “LD2” Manchester hosting. Customers hosted within Manchester are now “at risk” although no outages are expected.

We operate a ring structure with each DC having a minimum of 2 diverse fibre connections to other DCs. This means that a fibre outage only removes resilience and not service.

We will update this ticket once we receive information back from our fibre provider.

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One Response to Dark Fibre Outage – 22/Nov/2020

  1. Dan A says:

    Our fibre provider confirmed to us that this was due to scheduled maintenance for which we had not been notified. They are reviewing their notificiation procedure for future events.

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