Power Failure – Equinix MA1 – 11/May/2020

At 14:27 (UK local time) today, we saw our peering sessions via LINX Manchester flap (restored at 14:31).

Further reports came in of a loss of power feeds (both A and B feeds) for some customers of Equinix MA1, however this has not affected our power feeds for equipment in this datacentre.

Equinix have now also confirmed that a fire alarm activation has taken place, and are investigating as soon as they are able to re-enter the building.

All equipment in this datacentre belonging to Netnorth is fully operational, and no issues are anticipated.

Our network is fully resilient and can also operate with this datacentre entirely offline in a worst case scenario.

We have no customer servers located within this datacentre, it is purely a networking site.

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