BT Fibre Fault – 20/Dec/2017

We currently have a BT Fibre Fault on our metro ethernet ring which Openreach are investigating.

As designed, our ring continued to operate at reduced resilience with no loss of service.  There are no anticipated service issues as a result of this fault.

Once BT have investigated and restored service, we will update this post.

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One Response to BT Fibre Fault – 20/Dec/2017

  1. The BT openreach circuit was reconnected at 10:15am on 21st December 2017.

    We have just received a post incident review for the fault which indicated that outdated openreach records lead to a circuit being repurposed thinking it was a spare circuit in Manchester Moss Side exchange.

    Openreach have updated their records and clearly labelled the circuit in the exchange to prevent a further occurrence.

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