Fibre Maintenance – 20/Oct/2017

We have been notified today by Virgin Media that they will be performing maintenance on 20th October 2017 between midnight and 6am UK local time which will affect one of our fibre circuits that forms our metro ring.  Although the maintenance window is 6 hours long, the anticipated circuit outage is only 2 hours.

Our ring is fully resilient so packets should re-route automatically via one of our other fibre providers (BT, Vodafone) during any outage of this circuit and therefore no outage is anticipated for our customers.  This should happen within a few milliseconds and should not be detectable.

However, as with all maintenance, the ring should be considered ‘at risk’ during the maintenance window.


Should anything happen with the circuit similar to our last issue (partial restoration), our remedial modifications to the ring should take care of this automatically and keep the circuit out of service.

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One Response to Fibre Maintenance – 20/Oct/2017

  1. This maintenance completed without issue last night.
    The VirginMedia circuit dropped at 12:15am and recovered around 12:48am.
    As expected, traffic automatically re-routed via other segments of our metro ring.

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