BOL23 UPS Servicing – 23/Aug/2017

As a follow-on to our UPS Service recently, Riello recommended a battery replacement of our BOL23 UPS system as they are nearing their recommended lifespan of 5 years.  (They’re in their 4th year)

Although the batteries tested fine in a load test, we have taken their advice and will have new batteries installed on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

During this period, we will operate from locally generated power while the UPS system is serviced.

We don’t anticipate any issues arising from this maintenance and this will refresh our batteries for the next 4-5 years.  A full overhaul of this UPS system is due in around 2-3 years time.

Note: this maintenance will not be carried out at the same time as the BOL8 UPS servicing to ensure only one site is serviced at a time.

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One Response to BOL23 UPS Servicing – 23/Aug/2017

  1. Today’s battery replacement went ahead with no issues.
    The new batteries are now fully charged, and full autonomy time restored.

    These batteries should be good for the next 4-5 years.

    The next service is due around September 2018.

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