Advisory – ‘TeamViewer’ vigilance

‘TeamViewer’ – A Collaborative Meeting and Remote-Control tool

Some customers who choose to deploy TeamViewer may be affected by recently reported events. This may actually be an indirect vulnerability, in that users have been compromised elsewhere within their daily social activities, allowing ‘authenticated access to their TeamViewer infrastructure’ to be used as an attack vector.

Customers who use TeamViewer to access and control their hosted servers at Netnorth are advised to maintain a vigilant password regime, and to observe the TeamViewer press releases.

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If you have any further questions, please email

Netnorth Support

Loss of resilience – TCW

We have currently lost a resilient path between two of our Manchester datacentre locations.  Our building interconnection provider is currently performing maintenance on their equipment, however this outage is unexpected.

We have reported it to the vendor for investigation.

In the meantime, our TCW site is running at reduced resilience.

Our other sites are still operating fully resilient.