Vodafone Fibre Circuit Fault – 10/Jun/2021

We’re currently seeing one of our core fibre ring circuits offline (provided by Vodafone) between Manchester and Bolton. We’re not aware of any routine maintenance by Vodafone on this circuit so will proceed to investigate it as a fault.

Due to our ring nature of the core, all traffic automatically diverted via the opposite ring direction via another circuit from another fibre provider. This happens seamlessly and is not service affecting.

Although there is no degraded service at this time, this has removed the network resilience for our equipment in Manchester LD2 datacentre. Our Bolton DCs still have full resilience available.

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One Response to Vodafone Fibre Circuit Fault – 10/Jun/2021

  1. Dan A says:

    Vodafone has repaired a fibre fault after much diagnostic work and this circuit is back online and resilience has been restored to LD2 datacentre.

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