Dark Fibre Fault – 5/Jan/2020

At 7:04am this morning, we had a dark fibre failure between two of our Manchester datacentres. The cause of this is currently being investigated by the fibre provider.

Unfortunately, our backup fibre path failed to take over leading to one of our Manchester datacentres becoming isolated. This was caused by a configuration error and has now been rectified.

More updates to follow once the fibre failure has been investigated.

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2 Responses to Dark Fibre Fault – 5/Jan/2020

  1. Dan A says:

    This has been reported as part of an extended maintenance window by the dark fibre provider.
    They are investigating why we did not receive notification of the maintenance.

    We will continue to operate on the backup path with no further outages anticipated.
    There may be a few seconds of instability when the circuit returns however.

  2. Dan A says:

    This circuit is back online as of 10:15am, it has entered into backup state.

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