Link Failure – 13/Feb/2019

At 1:43pm, our monitoring identified a link failure on our metro ethernet ring between Bolton and Manchester.

As designed, our ring reconverged via backup links and no outage was experienced – however the ring now has reduced resilience.

We have raised a fault with Virgin Media to investigate the cause of the fibre outage.

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3 Responses to Link Failure – 13/Feb/2019

  1. Virgin Media are still investigating this, but have not yet determined the cause of the fault.

    We’re used to the slow repair times of some of our circuit vendors which is why our metro ring utilises fibres from several unique providers.

    More updates will follow as they are received.

  2. Virgin Media have placed a loop in circuit, which has confirmed that the Bolton end of the circuit is working correctly. They will continue to investigate.

  3. Although the circuit was tested by Equinix by request of Virgin Media, the circuit was only returned to service after we re-tested the circuit ourselves.

    Good light levels were restored, and the circuit has now been stable for a few days.

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