Manchester-London MPLS Flap – 14/Dec/2018

At approx. 8:15pm this evening, our alerting saw a flap of our protected fibre link between Manchester and London (provided as an MPLS pseudowire) which affected connectivity between LDeX2 and LDeX1 datacentres.

This link is used solely for our connectivity to LINX LON1 and LINX LON2 peering networks, and caused some paths to reconverge in BGP.

This did not impact on any connectivity via LINX MAN1, EquinixIX-Manchester, or our global internet transit provider paths.

We will continue to monitor the MPLS circuit for further issues.

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4 Responses to Manchester-London MPLS Flap – 14/Dec/2018

  1. The LD2-LD1 link is provided to us by a 3rd party and is part of a ring circuit which should be protected by two diverse paths down the country.

  2. We saw another occurrence of this at 9:54am this morning.

  3. Our provider confirmed that tis corresponds to a fibre flap on their ring on a circuit provided by Colt – they are seeking an RFO from their fibre provider.

  4. We received a RFO from our supplier today.

    The brief interruption to the circuit was caused by a fibre outage on the Colt network between King John Court and Poplar Business Park in London that affected one fibre in the pair causing a unidirectional link to be formed.

    The outage was caused by rodent damage and the entire section of fibre was replaced (~800 metres).

    This caused a brief reconvergence outage when the fibre broke and when it re-made after replacement.

    The fix implemented was a permanent fix so no further issues are anticipated.

    Our supplier are investigating implementation of Cisco Bidirectional forwarding detection to reduce this reconvergence time in future.

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