Network Capacity Upgrades (2018)

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have been upgrading our network capacity (both internally and externally).

We have now expanded our two main external connectivity (“Transit”) provider links to 10Gbit/s each.

We have also recently agreed to join an additional Internet Exchange in Manchester (more info will follow once we are connected up) at 2Gbit/s.


Our network rings in BOL8 and BOL23 datacentres have been established at 20Gbit/s within each datacentre, and also connected into our metro ethernet ring network.

Between our Manchester buildings, we now have dark fibre which is currently operating at 10Gbit/s.

One of our three metro ethernet links between Manchester and Bolton has been upgraded to 10Gbit/s, with two more planned over the coming months.


We have decommissioned our London PoP as this was underused.  Any existing virtual machines placed there have been moved to Manchester (all IPs have been retained)


In future, we may look to incorporate a CDWM system across our dark fibres in Manchester with the view to reselling waves across this link (interest permitting).

We could provide waves between Equinix MA1 -> Equinix MA2, and Equinix MA2 -> LDeX 2 at speeds up to 10Gbit/s

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