Level3 IPv4 Connectivity Issue (18/June/2015)

Our monitoring systems alerted us to IPv4 connectivity issues at 6:32pm this evening.  This was traced to our connection with Level3, Inc.

It appears to have stopped passing IPv4 traffic due to a routing loop internally within Level3’s network.

We have shutdown our connectivity with them and raised a trouble ticket.

All routes will have reconverged via alternative paths.

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3 Responses to Level3 IPv4 Connectivity Issue (18/June/2015)

  1. We have received the following update from Level3 (cascaded from their network level ticket):

    06/18/2015 20:10:43 GMT –
    *** CASCADED EXTERNAL NOTES 18-Jun-2015 20:10:43 GMT From CASE: 9367682 – Event
    A packet loss issue in Manchester, United Kingdom impacted IP services. The IP NOC isolated the point of failure and configurations were applied to restore services and as preventative measure to avoid future service interruptions.

  2. We have re-established our connectivity with Level3 from our network and can confirm that routing and latency appear normal now.

    We will monitor for the next few hours, but don’t anticipate any issues.

  3. We have detected further instances of this issue at around 4am and 7:55am this morning.

    We have escalated the issue at Level3 and are awaiting information from them.

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