Level3 IP Transit Outage

Further to our recent ticket, our IP Transit connection to Level3 Communications is offline again.

At 1:05am this morning, our physical link to Level3 Communications is reported as down.

As this is the second event recently, we have escalated this with the provider.


Due to the unclean shutdown, a brief disruption to traffic may be seen while BGP routing automatically reconverged via our alternate bandwidth providers.

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3 Responses to Level3 IP Transit Outage

  1. The connection resumed after a few minutes, but went down again a few minutes later.

    As a result, we have temporarily removed this connection from our network until such time that we receive more information from our provider.

  2. Level3 have been in contact. The outage this evening is for emergency maintenance to replace a faulty module which caused last weeks outage.

    They are investigating why we did not receive the notification of the maintenance window.

    The maintenance window ends at 3am, at which point (assuming the port is stable) we will re-enable our provider’s connectivity.

  3. The maintenance was completed ahead of schedule, and we observed 1 hour of stability before re-enabling the provider connection.

    We are now back to full resilience, and will continue to liase with the provider regarding the missed notification.

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