Interlink outage – 1204-0236

We experienced an outage of one of our interlinks between Bolton and Manchester provided by Virgin Media overnight.

This fibre-optic link failed to pass traffic between 12:04am and 2:36am.

Due to our resilient ring network topology, no outage occurred to customers in Bolton as traffic diverted via an alternate fibre circuit from British Telecom.


We are awaiting a RFO (reason for outage) from Virgin Media.

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One Response to Interlink outage – 1204-0236

  1. We have received an interim report from VirginMedia which shows that their ‘metnet’ (metropolitan network) port did indeed drop its traffic last night within the timeframe mentioned.

    This indicates that the fault was not within our terminating equipment or fibre and was an internal fault within VirginMedia’s network.

    They are investigating further.

    The link is fully operational at the moment, and we have full resilience in place.

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