Commercial Power Failure – Bolton

At approximately 7:10am this morning, we experience a commerical power failure of the L2 phase of power entering out Bolton 1 facility.

This caused our Generator to take over the entire load of the building.

Cooling was maintained via ‘free cooling’ (external filtered air travelling through the building via powerful fans) – temperature and humidity were maintained at their normal levels for the duration.

Electricity North West were contacted and estimated a time to fix of 11:30am at the latest.

At approximately 10:15am, power was restored to all three phases and the Generator handed the load back over to commercial supply.

Electricity North West contacted us by telephone to confirm the supply was operating normally again.

Our UPS batteries are currently at 98% and recharging, and Generator is back on standby.

This power outage did not affect the connectivity of the Bolton 1 facility.

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