3rd Party Maintenance (12/Feb/2017)

We have received a maintenance notification from Cogent Communications regarding one of IP Transit connections to the global internet.

This maintenance is due on 12th February 2017 between midnight and 7am, with an expected outage time of 45-60 minutes.

No outage to Netnorth customers is expected as we have multiple IP Transit connections to the global internet.  Our routers should gracefully re-route any affected traffic paths to our other connectivity providers.

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2 Responses to 3rd Party Maintenance (12/Feb/2017)

  1. Cogent appear to have started this maintenance a few minutes early which meant we did not cleanly shutdown the service as anticipated.

    This may have caused a handful of routing changes to be less efficient than desired.

  2. Cogent have notified us that maintenance number NC746-222 has now been completed ahead of schedule.

    We have brought the connectivity back online.

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