Cogent Maintenance – 24/05/2014

Cogent Maintenance is about to begin.

As a precaution, we have disabled all connectivity via Cogent during their maintenance window.



Start time: 24.05.14 04:00 CEST
End time: 24.05.14 07:00 CEST
Location: Manchester-Slough (U.K)
Work order number: NC583
Expected Outage/Downtime: 1 hour
The purpose of this work is reload equipment at your location to bring it up to new code.

Interlink Fault – TCW/TCR 14/05/2014

Earlier this evening we experienced some issues with an interlink between Telecity Reynolds House and Telecity Williams House in Manchester.

Starting 6:06pm, we started receiving spanning-tree topology errors via the link (provided by Geo) causing the link to flap.  This continued randomly until approximately 8:15pm and has been stable since.

This segment of our network is a resilience link, ordinarily not in use so any issues should have been minimal as traffic does not normally traverse this link.


Once we receive more information from our supplier, we will update this post.

Scheduled Maintenance: Cogent Communications (24/May/2014)

We have been notified of a scheduled maintenance window for Cogent Communications (one of our IP Transit suppliers).

This is due to occur on Saturday 24th May 2014 between 4am-7am UK local time whilst a router software upgrade is applied.

We should notice very little, if any disruption during this window as we maintain multiple bandwidth providers for our network.

Level3 IP Transit Outage

Further to our recent ticket, our IP Transit connection to Level3 Communications is offline again.

At 1:05am this morning, our physical link to Level3 Communications is reported as down.

As this is the second event recently, we have escalated this with the provider.


Due to the unclean shutdown, a brief disruption to traffic may be seen while BGP routing automatically reconverged via our alternate bandwidth providers.