Interlink outage – 1204-0236

We experienced an outage of one of our interlinks between Bolton and Manchester provided by Virgin Media overnight.

This fibre-optic link failed to pass traffic between 12:04am and 2:36am.

Due to our resilient ring network topology, no outage occurred to customers in Bolton as traffic diverted via an alternate fibre circuit from British Telecom.


We are awaiting a RFO (reason for outage) from Virgin Media.

IP Transit Provider Flap

At 10:53am UK local time, we saw our physical link to Level3 (AS3356) drop for 5 minutes.

This caused our routers to immediately terminate the BGP routing session with Level3 and start to reconverge via our alternative paths leading to 2-3 minutes of instability whilst routes updated.

The link to Level3 re-established at 10:58am UK local time, and BGP reconnected.

We have monitored the connection since the event with no noticable issues.


We have contacted Level3 to request further information.

OpenSSL Security Notififcation

We would advise customers of a community announcement made on 7th April 2014 regarding a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL framework.

The vulnerability, referred as ‘The Heartbleed Bug’ or ‘CVE-2014-0160’, is in OpenSSL’s implementation of TLS (Transport Layer Security), and affects versions of OpenSSL in the 1.0.1 series up to and including 1.0.1f

This vulnerability applies to various Unix platforms. It is serious, and if left untouched may expose private keys. Software patches are available to resolve the threat.

Netnorth have tested our own platforms and our community servers, and where necessary have mitigated against the potential threat. We would advise that customers with co-located servers and administrative control of hosted services take immediate action to bring this product up-to-date.

Further information can be found
If you have any concerns, please contact Netnorth suppport.