Vodafone Fibre Circuit Failure – 31/Mar/2018

We saw our Vodafone Fibre circuit between BOL8 and LD2 drop at 8:38pm this evening.

We have reported the fault to Vodafone to investigate.  Our ring automatically re-routed via its alternate paths as expected without any customer outages.

More updates will be added via comments as we receive them.

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3 Responses to Vodafone Fibre Circuit Failure – 31/Mar/2018

  1. Vodafone are dispatching an engineer to LD2 to investigate their circuit after remote diagnostics show a fault at the LD2 end of the circuit.

  2. This circuit came back up at 12:04am. We’re awaiting Vodafone’s official response, but the most likely cause is the lockup of their “Adva” termination equipment.
    We have seen lockups of Adva equipment with our virginmedia circuit in the past.
    (Both Vodafone and VirginMedia use Adva termination equipment. BT/Openreach do not)

  3. Vodafone have now said that this was due to planned maintenance – however no maintenance has been reported to us. We will follow-up with our account manager to discover why we were not informed.

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