Anti Virus, Phishing, Malware services (AVS)

Anti Virus, Phishing, Malware services (AVS) improvements.

This is just a quick e-mail to highlight some new, recently added,
features of our AVS scanning services.

We have added a new virus scanning engine by a large, popular vendor.
This brings the total number of virus scanners per e-mail to three.

Also added: Phishing / spam services via the Sane Security engine, and
Phishing via Google's safe browsing API.

Sane Security signatures provide enhanced e-mail security against the
following e-mail types:
 * Phishing
 * Spear phishing
 * Fake lottery
 * E-card malware
 * Casino
 * Fake jobs
 * Fake loans
 * 419s
 * Fake Diplomas
 * Pornographic
 * E-mailed malware
 * Other general spam

For more information on Google's Safe Browsing, see

We have added some home grown custom rules to better identify phishing
emails relating to other commonly abused services, including:

 * Popular banks
 * Energy companies
 * Mobile phone operators
 * Companies house
 * UK government departments
 * Sage

We no longer greylist e-mails that are sent from a UK (including
Ireland) IP address. This is done via the GeoIP system (IP to geographic location database)

Additionally, e-mails sent from IP addresses that have valid DNS SPF
records are no longer subject to greylisting.

Last, but not least!, we have refreshed all AVS scanning servers.
We are utilising new 24 core Supermicro chassis, and increased our
cluster size to four sets of scanning servers.

For detailed information on our AVS services, AVS portal and Reporter,
please see: - AVS FAQ


New AVS Scanning Blade

We’ve started to increase our AVS (anti-virus and anti-spam system) scanners recently.

This is our latest scanner node, a HP BL465c quad quadcore Blade with 32GB of ram.  While this might seem rather excessive for a bit of email scanning, the technology behind our scanners is very CPU and memory intensive.  Our scanners scan each email in seconds, matched tens of thousands of rules against the textual content of the email.  We also use various optical character recognition methods to decipher image attachments.

AVS scanner blade