Additional real estate to the Server Farm

A visual sample of the latest hardware to be added to Netnorth’s organic Server Farm…

Community hardware inspection

  • Dell R620 chassis
  • Dual 8 core Xeon E5 CPUs (32 cores)
  • 512 GB RAM
  • Write optimised SSDs
  • Dual hot swap 1100W PSUs

These servers will be deployed across Netnorth’s various UK Datacentres, and will bolster the existing server farm as our cutomer base continues to develop.


DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

DKIM uses cryptographic authentication to provide a method for validating a message’s identity that has been associated with any given sender. It is essentially an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism that allows receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail is authorised by the authoring domain’s administrators and that the email headers have not been modified during transport. A digital signature included with the message can be validated by the recipient using the signer’s public key published in DNS for the domain.

Some volume freemail providers (Gmail, Hotmail, AOL etc) can sometimes baulk when receiving non-authenticated messages. To resolve this issue, Netnorth’s community mail servers support DKIM signing of outgoing emails on a per-domain opt-in basis. Please contact us to subscribe to this service for your hosted domains.

Netnorth Support