Unstable IPv6 Connectivity via Level3

Since 11:55pm UK local time, we’ve had unstable IPv6 connectivity via Level3 in Manchester (approx. 60% packet loss).

This has been confirmed from several Level3 router locations (Manchester, London, Amsterdam) and appears to be quite widespread.

As a result, we have temporarily removed our IPv6 connectivity via Level3 pending an update from them regarding this issue.


Note: this does not affect IPv4 traffic, nor IPv6 destinations reachable via our alternate connectivity providers.

Additional real estate to the Server Farm

A visual sample of the latest hardware to be added to Netnorth’s organic Server Farm…

Community hardware inspection

  • Dell R620 chassis
  • Dual 8 core Xeon E5 CPUs (32 cores)
  • 512 GB RAM
  • Write optimised SSDs
  • Dual hot swap 1100W PSUs

These servers will be deployed across Netnorth’s various UK Datacentres, and will bolster the existing server farm as our cutomer base continues to develop.


Planned Maintenance – BOL1

The online UPS’s used in our BOL1 datacentre will be taken out of circuit tomorrow for a short maintenance period.

The associated Lead Acid batteries are being replaced to ensure extended contingency cover can be provided during any switchover phases between Utility Mains and Local Generation, eg: in the event of any  Utility failure. This planned maintenance should not affect any hosted services, but will mean that some services will be subject to minimal ‘elevated risk’ for the duration of the maintenance.

Further notices will be posted during the maintenance window.

Netnorth Limited

Reduced Telephone Support 8:00am – 9:30am Tues 08-03-2016

We apologise for any problems that customers may have experienced whilst trying to telephone us on 01204 900700 this morning between 8:00 am and 9:30 am. Our own internal VOIP server shutdown after suffering a multiple fan failure (We blame big Bolton moths!)

Only our casual published telephone contact number was affected, the contingent ‘Emergency Support’ telephone contact remained in service. This issue was resolved by replacing the faulty hardware from spares held on site, and will not have affected any hosted services at all.

Netnorth Limited