Planned Engineering Works – 8/Feb/2016

We have received notification from BT that one of our metro interlink circuits needs an outage on 8th February 2016 starting at 11pm until 6am UK local time as the fibre optic cabling needs to be re-routed for National Rail engineering works.

This circuit forms part of our dual metro interlink ring and during the window above our ring will be running at reduced resilience (single ring vs dual ring) via our other fibre connectivity partners.

No disruption to service is anticipated as multiple additional circuits are present within the ring network.

Increased latency & Packet Loss Event

This morning we experienced an increase latency and packet loss event at our bolton and manchester locations due to external factors beyond our control.

This occured between 03:02am and 03:06am, and again between 03:09am and 03:13am UK local time.

During the above windows, latency was increased above normal levels, and packet loss was observed to external locations.

Unfortunately, due to the very short lived nature of the events, realtime analysis was not possible which would have indicated the cause more precisely.


There have been no further events since but we will continue to monitor the network.  Internal diagnostics have been completed and we can confirm our internal network is operating normally.

AVS Platform update

Further to the recent intense persistent Spamming campaigns giving rise to varying VBA Macro content being delivered through our AVS services, we have chosen to include the .doc and .docx file extensions to the list of suspect attachments.

Specifically, senders who do not implement either DKIM or SPF, who attach either .doc or .docx documents to messages will accrue a poor message reputation score, and are likely to be classified as SPAM and treated accordingly for by the receiving domain.

If you have specific senders who are affected, that need to be able to send you these affected attachments, then you should consider Whitelisting either the sender’s specific address or their general domain from within your AVS portal login. To make these changes you should approach whomever administers the AVS Customer Portal within your organisation.

Best regards
Netnorth Support