Fibre outage

We experienced a fibre outage within the BT network this morning at 8:33am.

There is a fibre break in one of our core ring circuits between Bolton and Manchester.


Our network automatically failed over to its redundant path, and continues to operate normally.


Once the fibre break has been repaired by BT, the circuit will be re-added to the network and full redundancy will be restored.

Brief outage

Hello customer

Outage time frame
Friday, 9/9/2013
start time 2.58 pm
fix time 3.03 pm
Duration 5 minutes

Description, Network BGP (border gateway protocol) instability.

A small configuration change on the data switches combined with a flush of its routing tables let the network reconverge and should prevent any future occurrences of this issue.


On-Load Generator Test

Today’s monthly on-load generator test passed as expected.

The generator was started automatically after detecting the mains failure simulation switch, then ran on-load 09:28 – 9:48
The generator detected recovery of mains and shut down automatically in the expected timeframe
All measured values were within their normal ranges.