IPv6 Update

Today we saw the number of active IPv6 routes on the internet hit 10,000.  Each route is (more or less) one ISP on the internet.

This shows the growth of providers taking up the next generation protocol.  As you may be aware, the availability of IPv4 (current) IP addresses is running low with exhaustion on the horizon.

Netnorth has been running an IPv6 enabled network for several years, and all our key services are now IPv6 enabled including DNS, Email and Web servers.

IPv6 connectivity is available to all hosted server customers if required.

RFO for Level3 Transit outage (12/Sep/2012)

We have received the official reason for outage from Level3 Communications for the brief 5 minute outage on our Level3 IP connectivity yesterday (12th September 2012) shortly after midnight.

The outage was caused by routine maintenance by Level3 who had failed to notify us in advance.  This has been resolved for future to ensure that we receive advanced warning of maintenance works.

Level3 Communications provide our primary IP connectivity path.  During the 5 minute outage, our secondary path automatically took over.

Capacity upgrade

We are currently upgrading the capacity on our secondary IP transit connection from Cogent Communications.  This circuit is being increased to 1000mbps.

The new fibre optic interlink has been installed, the configuration will be complete by the end of September 2012.

This link provides both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity to our network.

Circuit failure

Our monitoring systems detected a circuit failure between Bolton 1 and Manchester 2 locations, supplied by Virgin Media Business.

A ticket has been lodged with the supplier for them to investigate a potential fibre fault.

All traffic was automatically re-routed via our alternate path with Cable&Wireless in the meantime.