Network Connectivity

We’re seeing packet loss on the LINX Extreme network this morning.
We’ve also got alerts coming in for our London location too, this is routed entirely separately to our Bolton/Manchester locations, so it looks like it is affecting the entire LINX LAN.

We’ve shunted most traffic over to the LINX Juniper network so this should die down now. We’ve not had any official word from LINX yet, however we will continue to monitor and migrate traffic paths where possible.

Netnorth Support

Generator Tests – BOL

After a minor change in operating procedure, we briefly neglected to post the results of our weekly generator tests. For completeness, here’s a list of the intervening tests…

BOL1  10:12 - 10:38  Off load  Passed
BOL2  10:56 - 11:13  Off load  Passed

BOL1  10:24 - 10:42  On load   Passed
BOL2  10:53 - 11:16  On load   Passed

BOL1  10:20 - 10:49  Off load  Passed
BOL2  11:02 - 11:22  Off load  Passed

BOL1  10:15 - 10:25  Off load  Passed
BOL2  10:55 - 11:14  Off load  Passed

BOL1  10:08 - 10:32  Off load  Passed
BOL2  10:41 - 11:03  Off load  Passed

The generator was started, then ran off-load / on-load for the durations given above, before detecting mains and shutting down in the expected timeframe.
All measured values were within their normal ranges.